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It’s been more than 6 months since we first wrote about the fast growing Lavylites company. Often we have seen, be it domestic or international business, rapid growth is not always a guarantee for long lasting success, hence in many cases, a great initial momentum and fast growth are followed by failure and vanishing from the market.

Dubaj. Kolejne miejsce ekspansji biznesu LavylitesDubaj. Kolejne miejsce ekspansji biznesu Lavylites

However, Lavylites company is soaring relentlessly, considering that it has gone through many changes and events since our last article. But let us see what the basis is of Lavylites’ success. The success lies in a unique and exceptional product group whose production ever since the beginning has been characterized by a holistic approach thus every product has been created for a particular life situation

The development of the product set out as organic, initially in Budapest, Hungary. The product raised interest in a lot of people, who gave several suggestions on methods for marketinq the product and finally made the decision to launch their network marketinq business.

Since then many pride themselves on having Lavylites as their lifestyle and philosophy.

Today, the company has expanded across several continents, for example the ecommerce (online sales) platforms and the marketinq systems are operated and developed in central Hong Kong. There are more than 100 000 registered Partners within the community of Lavylites including nearly 1 million potential consumers of the products. Lavylites markets its products in more than 15 countries such as Austria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, and the UK. Further emerging and opening markets are the Ukraine, India, and Dubai. In the Ukraine the licensing of Lavylites products has been successfully obtained. India promises incredible opportunities, since it is a large market, the spirit and mindset of its population is closely akin to the world of Lavylites products, and many of the leaders are looking forward to its opening. there are more than 120 nations living in Dubai, so signifying a great business potential and as a gateway to Asia as well. 

Artykuł pochodzi z najnowszego, 38 numeru Network MagazynuArtykuł pochodzi z najnowszego, 38 numeru Network Magazynu

The latest market opening was launched in Switzerland. wherein that country the Lavylites University event was held at the end of March, in Basel with more than 650 attendees. The event featured notable guest speakers including medical doctors who delivered lectures on the main topic of the event, namely risk factors of heart and circulatory diseases. The number of Swiss Lavylites members has increased to 4 500 since the market opening in October 2016.

Two weeks after the event in Basel, at the beginning of April, another Lavylites conference took place in Byton, Poland, which had a great atmosphere and was very motivating. At the event Ludwig Reiser, a remarkable naturopath practicing in Germany, and who knows Lavylites products very well delivered a presentation. At this event for the first time Lavylites screened the image film of their new product that has lead Lavylites onto a completely new path, and that was the introduction of Lavylites nutritional supplements into the market.

This new product is Pentyll: Heart. Lavylites Partners have received the newly developed product from Tibor Jakabovics with great anticipation and enthusiasm, and since its debut the product has been praised by many, and received a great deal of  positive feedback. 

Results of the past few month’s developments also include a new method for online purchases, namely the acceptance of credit cards in the Polish web shop, as well as a new smart phone app that is designed to assess an individual’s risk factors for developing cardiovascular diseases. Also, the website of Lavylites has been renewed, and its Facebook page has been launched as well, which has so far generated 2 000 Likes in one month, and its Facebook posts have been received by at least 10 000 people. These numbers talk for themselves.

Dubaj. Kolejne miejsce ekspansji biznesu LavylitesDubaj. Kolejne miejsce ekspansji biznesu Lavylites

As do the sales figures. The turnover of the company in 2016 was more than 60 million Euros, and it delivered over 1.2 million products. The largest turnover is currently generated in Germany, and this is where the next Lavylites event will take place on June 17, in Fulda, with guest speakers such as Michael Strachowitz and Steven Eugene Kuhn. We know for certain that Lavylites will host more than 800 enthusiastic Lavylites partners to celebrate the German Lavylites success and to get ready for an even brighter future.

Following the event in Bytom, Maciej Maciejewski interviewed two network leaders of the company, Berta Zoltán and Zbigniew Utko. They provided the following insights of the company’s mindset and the future of their own businesses…

Maciej Maciejewski: Zoltán, as a network leader what is your vision of Lavylites’ future?

Berta Zoltán: I would not be here if I were not 100% positive about the future of Lavylites. I see an absolutely brilliant future.

Maciejewski: Could you please tell us about the reasons of your optimism?

Berta Zoltán: Look, there are many factors that fuel my positive vision. Show me another network marketinq company that after 3 years has achieved an annual 60 million Euros turnover! I should acknowledge that the story of our company all began in a small, Central-European country with a population of only 10 million. Lavylites’ burst onto the European market shocked the entire network world. This is an unusual phenomenon, and market participants are still somewhat puzzled by reasons for its success.

Zoltan BertaZoltan Berta

I hope you will not find me immodest when I say that I know those reasons. Perhaps, if I am not mistaken, it was you from whom I heard first that Lavylites is a ”phenomenon”, that is, it is unique and extraordinary. One of the components of its uniqueness is our cosmetic group product. Both the appearance and the effect of our products are special; it is unlike any other competitor’s products. The quality and efficacy have delivered satisfaction to a whole host of customers. Skeptics always make me smile, because     repurchase rates of consumers are astonishing. It is several times that of other network marketinq company’s usual figures. Is there better proof than that?

This further reinforces my confidence that our new product line of nutritional supplements has been introduced this month. There is also a huge competition in this area of the market, however, in my opinion, it is to our advantage that we have managed to maintain our uniqueness in the category of nutritional supplement products as well, just like in our cosmetic products. Besides these, we also made a good choice with applying the binary compensation system. It is well known that quick expansion over continents is only feasible with this strategy. I’m a networking businessman, so there’s one more factor that I think is important and that is ethics.

Well, to me besides the company’s founder, Tibor Jakabovics’ innovative activities, it is his character and intellect that are reassuring. Having spent 25 years in this profession, I can tell that no company has any future without ethics. 

Returning back to the previous question, there are exciting times ahead for the company. To include other continents, such as Asia, in the business expansion could generate an enormous growth. India is the world’s most populated country, and if they will love our products there and in other Asian countries just as much as they do in Europe, then the expected growth could only be compared to the Big Bang that brought the universe into being. To conclude my answer, in case the company is able to improve the management and its structure necessary for the expected explosion, then I believe we have a very bright future ahead of us.

Maciej Maciejewski: I have a simple and short question for you: Why exactly Lavylites?

Zbigniew Utko: I have been working in this industry for 26 years. Along with my friends I have built extensive network structures with over 300,000 members. Over the years, I have witnessed a great many things, but I have never seen anything like Lavylites before! Network marketinq companies in general advertise in the following way – “We are like (here they name their biggest competitor…) and then they quickly add – “but we are better”. Then they list their examples for what they do differently and what they don’t do, what they do better, and how, and how much faster… etc. We say – We are nothing like any of the others! To grasp what Lavylites is, we need to understand the philosophy of Lavylites.

Zbigniew UtkoZbigniew Utko

As any other professional network, we do our own manufacturing and our products are patent protected, but to make a company global, it is not enough. What makes Lavylites number one is that we simply have no competition! Not even one that comes close. If that is not enough, our products have an immediate effect. It is a wonderful feeling when you know you are making history and you are number one.

The marketinq plan is so genius that while building your network you can travel at least three times around the world in a short time. Apart from having global passive income you can also have a business that will never become obsolete. What more do you need? That is why Lavylites!

Editor Maciejewski i have successfully managed to speak with Tibor Jakabovics, the founder of Lavylites on what he thinks of the firms' current and future direction . The conservation…

Tibor Jakabovics, founder Lavylites: I would have not imagined that Lavylites would reach so many people, but I am sincerely glad and happy, and I am very proud of the fact that so many people are supporting our efforts. I get invitations on many occasion and very often from all over the world, and I feel overwhelmed, that they are curious about what I think and what I have to say. If my time and tasks allow me I always accept such invitations with joy and enthusiasm.

It is a wonderful feeling to see how people’s eyes are shining, and the gratitude, which fills me with a very sincere happiness as well.

To tell you the truth, they are the ones that deserve all the appreciation, our partners, those inquiring, the honorable audience. I am grateful to them for everything, the love, support, the unbelievable, radiating strength! I also find joy in following that on which continents and in which countries demand is being generated for the Universe of Lavylites. The heat of the interest rate around us is truly baffling.

Tibor JakabovicsTibor Jakabovics

Maciej Maciejewski: Are you planning on introducing further products to the market this year?

Tibor Jakabovics: Giving birth to a real, unique, new creation is a real mystery. It is rather arts than simple work. Maybe it would be natural to start getting tired slowly, but what I feel within is more and more strength and inspiration. I have a very deep confidence, and my faith is strong in that I receive the energy, charging from You all, this is the basis of our common opportunities. You gave your true, good hearts, therefore the Pentyll: Heart was born. What would happen if you would think about Lavylites right now, and by doing so you would as well think about me a little bit? 🙂

Maciej Maciejewski: According to the information I received, there is an emerging demand for the products in America besides Dubai and India, is this information correct?

Tibor Jakabovics: Millions of people know about us already, hundreds of millions, and billions will be with us. The Universe of Lavylites is a special, unrepeatable, unique world. It is a desirable, kind and gentle place. It belongs to all of us. I do not know of any territory or area, where they are not awaiting us. They feel, that the future they have been waiting for is finally here. I feel, we feel the desire, the support.

A few months ago, I had the chance to talk about that it is worth thinking about how India, Africa, Asia is, and would be. For Lavylites, this is not a technical issue. It is a question of learning and respect. It is a homage paid to civilizations and to history. They are calling us and waiting for us. And we are going. We are going filled with expectations, and with open, sincere hearts. We learn, we give with the very depth of our hearts.

The Universe of Lavylites accepts all. What nobody expected became possible.

You understood me. You never left me alone. There were always helping hands, men of wisdom and huge hearths beside me. If not for this, we would not be able to be where we are today. 

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